What is a Radiographer?

Radiography is an important role within the wider diagnostic healthcare team, using highly technical equipment to take detailed images of the insides of patients’ bodies to help accurately diagnose and treat ill or injured people.

There are two types of radiography jobs:

Diagnostic Radiographers produce and analyse high-quality images of the body, screening for abnormalities and playing a role in surgical procedures. Diagnostic Radiographers work closely with patients and could find themselves working in various hospital departments, including the operating theatre, Emergency Department and on the wards.

Therapeutic Radiographers work as part of the oncology team and deliver treatment using x-rays and other radioactive sources. Staff in this area work closely with medical specialists to treat malignant tumours or tissue defects, often planning and delivering a full course of treatment for a cancer patient, from initial diagnosis right through to post-treatment follow-up care.

Around 90% of Radiographers work in the NHS, with the remainder working for independent hospitals and clinics, or in research and development based roles at universities.