What is a Reporting Radiographer?

Reporting radiographer jobs play a major role in clinical imaging services. They’re responsible for the formal reporting of trauma images following the use of radiation to diagnose illness or injury in patients. Reporting radiographer roles deal with the first line interpretation of images, ahead of patient management, and the collation of these interpretations into reports for a range of examinations. 

Why Are They Necessary?

It can’t be denied that patient demand is ever-increasing as more of the general public are now expecting instant diagnosis and care. With so much pressure placed on the NHS to meet these demands and significant backlogs in reporting across the UK, a radiologist, radiographer or trained reporter is expected to deliver a final written report from the patient’s time in the emergency department, outlining suspected injury. On completion, the patient will be discharged from A&E. In this way, reporting radiographers allow others in their department to focus on other urgent work.

Clinical Reporting

Clinical reporting describes the position of radiographers and trained professionals who have gained relevant postgraduate qualifications, enabling them to produce a diagnostic report. Due to the nature of this work, a reporting radiographer must produce work that is of an extremely high standard, engaging with intense auditing processes to maintain their competence.

Clinical Reporting Radiographers contribute valuable input when studying clinical images, improving the safety and effectiveness of reports and reducing costs within the Radiography and Emergency Departments.

Becoming a Reporting Radiographer

A growing number of universities are offering a course covering the reporting portion of the radiography field. Many of the courses available will cover the development of specific skills essential to any reporting radiographer roles. This will include a high focus on image evaluation and skeletal system reporting, whilst fully integrating practical skills with theoretical knowledge. Within any reporting radiography course, you will receive training on practice assessments, report writing and evaluation of appendicular and axial skeletal images. Without these key skills, you cannot practice as a fully qualified, safe or competent reporter.

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